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    Scholar Dollar$ is the singular application used by students and staff at New Mexico State University for processing, awarding and applying for scholarships. The system is developed by Student Information Management in Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and is designed in collaboration with the NMSU Foundation and The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services

    免费网页加速- 爬墙专用加速器

    To apply or manage your scholarships, log into the Scholar Dollar$ system with your NMSU username and password. When applying for scholarships Scholar Dollar$ will automatically render questions based on your academic profile (campus, college, major, GPA, etc). This single application allows you to be considered for all NMSU scholarships, so the more questions you answer the better your odds are for scholarship eligibility. This application is available to all potential and current students regardless of campus. If you are a high school student attending NMSU through dual credit, early college or vocational admission, you must re-apply for admission as a regular student before applying for scholarships so you have the correct academic profile. Note: At this time there are no scholarships for dual credit, early college or vocational high school students


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